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Silverfish Pest Control Services in Macarthur Area

In the Macarthur region, Macarthur Pest Solution provides high-quality and reasonably priced flea management treatments. Fleas are a common household pest that can be uncomfortable for both people and animals. They can also irritate the skin and are known to spread illnesses. For this reason, our certified pest control specialists employ unique methods to effectively get rid of flea infestations.

To determine the location and severity of the flea infestation, our flea control services begin with a thorough investigation of the premises. To get rid of fleas at all life phases, we employ a range of treatment strategies, such as sprays and insecticides. We also offer professional guidance on how to keep fleas from coming back to the house.

Fleas Prevention Tips to Avoid Future Infestations

  • To get rid of flea eggs and larvae, frequently vacuum upholstered furniture and carpets.
  • To kill fleas and their eggs, regularly wash pet bedding and toys in hot water.
  • Regularly groom pets to get rid of fleas and stop them from spreading inside the house.
  • Use the flea treatment for pets that your veterinarian has advised.
  • Fleas can’t enter your home if you close off entry sites such as cracks and holes in the walls, flooring, and windows.